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Opportunity Buy: Super Bowl LI

Birdy Sectional

It’s that time of year again! Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner and we know just how to make your Super Bowl party a total touchdown. All you need to do is shop Laurie’s Super Bowl Sale this Friday and Saturday to get your home dressed to impress – not to mention snag […]

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Christmas Closeouts

You know the feeling. There’s empty socks hanging on the fireplace, wrapping paper unceremoniously crammed into trash bags, a sink full of dirty dishes. It feels like the magic is gone… but wait! Santa has a few more gifts in the bag! Laurie’s famous Christmas décor is 50 percent off starting the Day after Christmas. […]

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August Bedding Sale: Meet the Experts, Dive into Deals

Laurie’s bedding sales give you much more than a chance to get delightful deals on pillow shams. You’ll also have the exclusive opportunity to stock up on amazing insights and wisdom from representatives from Laurie’s favorite bedding companies. Our sumptuous bedding sale runs all day Aug. 10 and 11, with the savvy reps on hand […]

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Lamp Sale and a Rubbish Chuck!

We’re still cleaning out the closets over here at Laurie’s, a process that led us to discover we have one heck of a peck of lamps. As with anything we want to sell pronto, we’re practically giving the lamps away at prices that’ll knock your socks off. Big lamps, little lamps, fat lamps, thin lamps, […]

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Celebrate Summer!

Enjoy a big scoop of fun as you come to the kickoff of an unforgettable season. Laura loves using Red, White and Blue accents to set the store for one firecracker of a summer. Come see all the new displays plus snap up a few of our “Made in America” closeouts. Memorial Day • May 30, […]

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Tent Sale 2016

Anyone who shops at Laurie’s already knows we’re one of the coolest games in town. But once a year we go for the championship title, holding an event that’s more frenzied than World Wide Wrestling, more spectacular than a 200-story waterfall, and more exciting than landing on the moon. Yep, that’s right. It’s time for […]

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Art and Chairs Treasure Trove

Laurie’s has a big, juicy secret (kind of) – and we want to make sure you know it exists. But instead of simply blurting out the secret, we’re going to build up the suspense and excitement until you’re to the point where you absolutely positively must know the secret or you’ll simply explode. Ready? Here […]

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Fall Decor is 50% Off!

All remaining Fall Decor is 50% Off Friday November 20 and Saturday November 21. Scoop this stuff up for Thanksgiving and for years to come! Are you going to Granny’s or your Bestie’s for Thanksgiving? These Potpourri and Candles will be the perfect Hostess gift. These super cool pumpkin wreaths are only Five Dollars! Do you have […]

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Now You See It, Now You Don’t: On the Floor at Laurie’s

You know that saying about “Now you see it, now you don’t?” Well, that what’s happening at Laurie’s! Our place has been a veritable bonanza of new goodies that are streaming through the shop as fast as an East Texas freight train! Even though our new stuff is heading out nearly as quickly as it’s […]

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Treat Yourself to Laurie’s Linen Sale

Only one thing can truly calm, soothe and delight you after a long, laborious day in the world. And no, we’re not talking about a martini. We’re talking about luxurious bedding, and Laurie’s has plenty of it. Better yet, it’s on sale Aug 17-31! Treat Your Senses Good bedding is a feast for the senses, […]

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