While we love gazing at ourselves as much as the next guy or gal (as long as it’s a good hair day), we’re kind of getting overwhelmed with it.
That’s because we have a lot of mirrors. A lot.

mirrors2mirrors6mirrors8mirrors10Fancy mirrors. Schmancy mirrors.
Tall mirrors. Small mirrors.
Framed mirrors. Strange mirrors.
Mirrors with zigs. Mirrors with zags.
Mirrors for queens and mirrors for hags (we’re kidding – we just needed a rhyme).
What’s not a joke is how fabulous one of these mirrors would look in your (insert any room here).
Our vast variety of mirrors means there’s one to suit any taste, décor or hair color. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of having one of these mirrors in your very own home.

Here come a bunch of others. Mirrors can:

  • Make a room appear bigger
  • Make it look like you have twice as many knickknacks
  • Reflect the outdoor scene from a window, giving you instant indoor greenery
  • Reflect candles or lamplight
  • Give you an automatic place to stick Post-it notes
  • Act as artwork or a conversation piece
  • Brighten a room
  • Brighten your mood (on a good hair day)
  • Let you spot-check for spinach stuck between your teethmirrors11mirrors7mirrors12mirrors13

Want one of these fabulous mirrors yet (only a small sample pictured)? Come on down to Laurie’s!

mirrors1 mirrors3 mirrors4 mirrors5 mirrors9 mirrors14