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Four Hands at Laurie’s

The folks at Four Hands are fueled by curiosity, creative experimentation and relentlessness. They relentlessly tinker with, tweak and keep poking at a product to come up with surprising additions that speak even louder of the company’s compelling style. Even a single piece of Four Hands furniture has the power to change the entire look […]

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The Botanical Room

We all remember the first time we   fell in love with leather – not the pleather coats of high school or cheap vinyl in the car but   real genuine leather the way it smelled the way it felt the way it crinkled on our skin perhaps it was a jacket you still wear until […]

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The Lure of Leather

Anyone who has slithered into a soft leather jacket or trotted down the street in a pair of supple leather boots or shoes knows leather can be alluring. But its lure doesn’t stop with outerwear and footwear. Its allure can span throughout the entire home. Leather Wallpaper, Anyone? OK, we’re not saying you should line […]

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Rubbish Chuck – Leather

Today’s Rubbish chuck is oozing with confidence and dripping with charisma. We’re talking about LEATHER. These works of masculine art conjure images of Hemingway, Scotch, Your Grandfather, Pipe Tobacco, and Rich Mahogany. All of the leather on this furniture was taken from baseball mitts used by the 1927 New York Yankees (not really, but we […]

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The Cowboy Way

It’s that time of year. If you’re in Houston and surrounding counties in East Texas you know what comes on the backside of Valentine’s and Marti Gras. RODEO TIME Three weeks worth of the best boot wearin, sawdust dancin, mutton scramblin’, steer buyin’, hoof stompin, wrangler fittin, in the world. Houston hosts the world’s largest […]

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Rustic Chic

There’s rustic There’s chic. Then there’s rustic chic! Think Real Housewives of Orange County and “glamping”. Glamping or glamorous camping– is right in line with rustic chic. Like loving the outdoors and fresh air but only when indoor plumbing and air condition is readily available HA! So much for roughin’ it says the husband hunting […]

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Very simple but true. How wonderful that our homes are a work in progress as we ourselves are. Here are some terrific accessories to accent your environment!

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Fall Flair

Sienna, Vermillion, Rust, Burnt, Amber, Tenné, Ginger  all shades of vibrant orange . Thinking of orange tends to point you to Autumn but it really can be used throughout the year and throughout your home to add a little flair. Maybe because it is so complimentary to any earth tone. We love pulling the orange […]

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Where the Hill Country meets the Adirondacks

Valentine’s Day is in the on the rise with a heart or two popping up around the store this week. Laurie’s wants to remind you that there are lovely gift cards available…ahem dear husbands and good boyfriends…LOL. Speaking of *love*…I thought we’d visit what is affectionately known as “The Patio” at Laurie’s. It’s where Texas […]

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Leather: a Timeless Texture

Texture– next to color– maybe the most important component of building the look and “feel” of a room’s design. The texture of leather really should have it’s own category. Give a room a sophisticated, cozy, masculine, earthy, glamorous…. feel by adding a piece here and there. Laurie’s brings you leather furniture of all textures, colors, […]

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