Texture– next to color– maybe the most important component of building the

look and “feel” of a room’s design.

The texture of leather really should have it’s own category.

Give a room a sophisticated, cozy, masculine, earthy, glamorous…. feel by adding a piece here and there.

Laurie’s brings you leather furniture of all textures, colors, shapes, and forms.

Wingbacks, ottomans, sofas, recliners, even an a leather armoire!

And to make it extra special- grommets, embroidery, aged leather, sleek leather, complimenting pillows to enhance that texture we want to bring to that living room, office, den….

There are so many ways to introduce this beautiful natural material into any grouping.

Couple any piece with distressed wood, cowhide, canvas art, greenery, and watch your space pop with a special look.

As you can see below, we carry Christmas accessories that compliment all those gorgeous leather goods and make  you feel like you are vacationing in the Adirondacks!