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Halloween Tea – October 29th

Kiddie tea parties are cute. Buckingham Palace tea parties are probably stuffy as all get out. And Laurie’s Halloween Tea? Well, that’s just something you don’t want to miss. Why not? Because you know Laurie. And that means you know she’s brewing up all kinds of creepy, crafty and perhaps even crazy things to celebrate […]

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Laura’s Halloween Home Tour

Mesmerized. That’s a good word. And that’s exactly what happens to people when they drop by Laura’s house to check out her Halloween décor. You remember Laura. She’s our fall decorative tray master here at Laurie’s. Who doubles as our Halloween display master. Her 5-year-old granddaughter, Valerie, heartily agrees. Valerie is mesmerized by Laura’s Halloween cabinet. […]

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Last Hurrah for Halloween

With Halloween lurking alluringly around the corner, we’re sure you’ve gotten your fair share of tricks leading up to the spooky holiday. And now it’s time to get your treats, with a big, fat, 50-percent off sale on Halloween goodies at Laurie’s. What: 50 Percent off Halloween Decor Sale When: Now to Nov. 1 Why: Because you can […]

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Now You See It, Now You Don’t: On the Floor at Laurie’s

You know that saying about “Now you see it, now you don’t?” Well, that what’s happening at Laurie’s! Our place has been a veritable bonanza of new goodies that are streaming through the shop as fast as an East Texas freight train! Even though our new stuff is heading out nearly as quickly as it’s […]

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More Fall Decor!

You’ve already seen some of the spooky Halloween treats and delicious Autumnal decor that we’ve posted about (here and here), but did you know that new stuff is hitting the shelves ALL THE TIME?! For instance, check out these gnarly new pumpkins, a tablescape that was made for a harvest, and some O – So […]

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Do You Want an Icky Trick or a Pleasing Treat for Halloween?

When it comes to Halloween decor, you have two clear choices. You can get a trick or you can get a treat. What we refer to as the trick is all those ill-crafted, tacky decorations that are prone to falling apart before you even purchase your first bag of candy corn. These icky tricks include: […]

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Halloween Glam

  If you’ve followed Laurie’s for more than a year you know that Halloween is clearly a holiday favorite here. You can see plump pumpkins and not-so-creepy critters dazzled by trees of glitter as soon as you see that first leaf  ever-so-quietly fall in  September here on the floor. OH MY! he’s so cute! “I […]

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Oh my GOURD!

Now that Labor Day’s over I can finally get these off my chest…. “Oh my gourd” “What the sparkle?” and “Bring it on WIOTCH!” All fun puns I’ve been saving to welcome the fun of Fall! Laurie & Co. kinda like all things Fall around here… We take our witching VERY seriously here. Vicki’s channeling […]

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