Halloween Ball

Can you ever get enough of Halloween!?

Well if the answer is no– then it’s a good thing we went way

overboard this year!

Many Belle’s of the Halloween Ball in the form of dear cackling witches taunting —

“Why don’t you look pretty my dear?”

But this Belle – has definitely cast a spell on everyone here at the store…

She’s life-size and so richly detailed – she is sure to bring a gasp or

heart palpitation to your guests this Hallow’s Eve.

Up close for your head shot dearie…Should I photoshop that wart on your nose? heeheeheee…

The best masquerade pieces you’ve seen!

So good – you’ll want them for your own costume and

perfect to place on statues or door knobs.

And don’t forget to whip up those delicious spirits with

our very unique Jack-o-Lantern punch bowl.

Better hurry before the clock strikes 12…. teeee heee heee heee!!!!

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