It’s no secret we love us some gold!

Just take a look at the gold sprinkled throughout the store.

You’ll find several gilded rooms that

King Midas himself would envy.

Think about it….how many things have you ever

seen in gold that weren’t a fabulous thing?

The Oscar award? Godiva chocolates?

and oh yeah gold jewelry is pretty nice too.

The lovely thing about gold is that even in

small doses it can add just the flair your design needs

without overwhelming your entire color palette.

whimsical yet sophisticated lighting

Gilded details add a richness to the European styled cabinet

Even embroidered brocade fabric and nail heads in gold on this accent chair

complete a luxurious look.

We love this timeless mirror!

It’s distorted mirror- finish reflects light

without overwhelming the room.

Because we ALL deserve a gold star!

Gotta love those gold details!