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Opportunity Buy: Whites

Opportunity Buy: Whites Last month’s Opportunity Buy  was a huge success! Everything was gone in a matter of hours after our post. We’re back again to bring you more specially priced inventory that is even more reasonable than our already fabulous prices on high quality furnishings. Take a look and see… Wood Dining Chair $150 […]

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Orange & Black

We tend to get a bit carried away  when Fall is even remotely close and the humidity goes below 90%. Why you ask?  Well my dearie– it’s the big beautiful pumpkins, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin candles…. You see where I’m going here?! <insert cackle here> It’s the beginning of all the wonderful holidays and […]

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Holy Lamp-oly!

  Holy LAMP-oly! We have beautiful lamp bases at $50 a pop! Ask the girls to show you to special table in our Rug warehouse where these lovely lamps are waiting to light up your life!

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Art Appreciation

Visiting Laurie’s might remind you of a fine art gallery. Our vignettes are worthy of the finest critics acclaim! Isn’t it amazing that we live in a day and time where everyone has access to fine home furnishings that showcase your artistic side? How lovely you can take these pieces home to enjoy TODAY. Laurie’s […]

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Pumpkin n’ Spice

The sound of school bells coming soon and you know what that means!?!? FALL FALL FALL! We aren’t wasting any time here… you know Laurie does not play around when it comes to Autumn! There’s pumpkin and spice and everything nice sprinkled just right for us to begin tasting those fabulous pumkin spice lattes!

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The Beach

There may be a shortage of water around these days but there’s no shortage of beach-themed bliss here on the showroom floor. Makes you want to curl up and watch “Something’s Gotta Give” with Diane Keaton & Jack Nicholson. Comfy, stylish chairs perfect for the bedroom and curling up with a good book…. Don’t know […]

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The Weathered

Something about rustic charm that makes your home feel as if it’s always been there and always cozy — and not to mention PRACTICAL with little ones around! Each nook & cranny, welt and line tells it’s own silent story waiting to be told. You’ll find we carry pieces that fit this style in pretty much every […]

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