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Tour de Friends…a Bonding Experience

It seems there is a trend that I’ve noticed that takes place here at the store. Day after day — you see mostly women come in — usually in groups of 2-3. As soon as the door is cracked you hear the gasps, ooohs, ahhhs, and gawwwsh’s only to look up and see eyes gazed […]

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Keeping It “Light”

Just popped in for a second to shed some light on a couple new things in the store this week. Keeping it “light” with a lot of neutrals, linen, bleached ┬á& reclaimed wood, and the ethereal Mother Mary watching over us (literally — see above LOL).

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We hope you’ve enjoyed the intermission. Please hand your ticket to the nice ladies up front and continue on our Parade of Lamps tour. ­čśÇ This concludes our “tour” and we ┬áhope enjoyed our little excursion of viewing everything lamps. I would say that this covered hmmmm 1/8th of the lamps in the store!

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The Parade of Lamps part I

You light up my life… Debbie Boone would say. A staple in any home and a staple at Laurie’s too. As primitively necessary, it is recorded that the earliest lamps were “invented” around 70,000 BC. Although they were made of ┬ánatural objects like rocks, shells and soaked with animal fat to be ignited…very interesting. Thank […]

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Let’s Stroll

Just thought you might want to take a nice stroll through the store today and get back into the swing of things. Especially since we’ve survived “The Big Freeze”, National Guacamole day, and oh that little game ┬áin Dallas known as the Superbowl! So why not start your day with with a leisurely walk in […]

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