Bad things can happen when you don’t hire a designer. Contrary to stubborn or misled beliefs, not everyone in the world has a keen eye when it comes to picking, mixing and matching their own fabric, furniture and other home décor. These photos prove it.

Bad Things vs. Good Things

Check out the bad things that can happen without a designer and the good things that can come from hiring one.

photo 2The Bad Thing: You home looks like a rummage sale, with mismatched fabrics, clashing patterns, mounds of clutter and furniture placed at odd, uncomfortable angles.

The Good Thing: A designer assesses the overall form and function of each room, ensuring furniture is placed in a way that accommodates the room’s use, the fabrics blend beautifully and patterns make a bold statement instead of a mangled mess. A designer will pay attention to the aesthetics of each individual room as well as the house as a whole, ensuring the home flows together with style.

photo 5The Bad Thing: Your dining room wall sports a Velvet Elvis.

The Good Thing: A designer will find the perfect place for it (perhaps somewhere in the garage).

The Bad Thing: You just spent the last four weeks and all kinds of crazy efforts picking out all this décor. Then you brought it home and it looks like, well, manure.

The Good Thing: Designers take the weight off your shoulders. You don’t have to spend time, energy, efforts and gas money zooming around town for décor that might work – or not. They know décor that will work, and take care of the hassles for you.

photo 4

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