The dining table has held power throughout history. It holds even more of it today.

We wine there. We dine there.
We play cards with our uncles.

Knit scarves with our aunts.
Trade gossip with our neighbors.
Whisper secrets to our pals.

Sturdy, smooth and strong. Made magnificent with magnolia.
A solid, balled pedestal holds zillions of pounds. Surrounded by chairs that embrace it.
Tall-backed and comfy, ready for support. We’re supported, we’re enthralled at the dining table.


It’s a base for our workload.
A slab for our crafts.

The place for kids’ homework.
A centerpiece for life.
The dining table’s the heart of the home.

Perhaps the furniture used most, more than beds, desks and couches.
We can sleep and watch TV on the floor, but we can’t gather in glee without a dining table.
It’s for birthdays and bashes. Anniversaries and dates.
Board games and grog songs. Stories and lore. It’s where we learned our great-grandpa was a hero.
It’s where we found out the new baby was a girl.

It’s the site of sit-downs for important decisions: The budget. The vacation. The new pet.
It’s for feasting and sharing. Laughter and unloading.

Cacciatore and candles. A morning cup of Joe.
Do it right with a tablecloth and dim lighting, and it just might be the place he’ll propose.

Can you imagine all that going down around a cheap, flimsy folding table?
Neither can we. Do life right. Grace your home with the Magnolia Dining Table and Nellie Side Chairs it deserves.


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