We all
remember the

first time we  
fell in love with leather – not the
pleather coats of high school or cheap
vinyl in the car but  







the way it smelled the
way it felt the way it

crinkled on our skin


perhaps it was a jacket
you still wear until this day or a

trench coat of your father’s with
deep surprises in the pockets or the
studded stately armchair that
ate up half the den – where you
sat and you felt like
a king.



It was vintage
It was comfy

It was leather


It was better
than all things

you ever knew.

Grab that memory of
leather and couple it with

bookshelves or mingle it with
knickknacks that are weathered
and so cool.



Add wood that’s warm and
soothing for an extra dose of

calmness and plaid that’s
warm and soothing for a
tender taste of home.


A stylish dash of metal
that’s strong yet not

imposing, a nook of splendid
books, a candle chandelier.


Put all those things
together add your

love affair with leather and
you’ve gone and just created
the perfect place to hang.



It’s called the Botanical Room at Laurie’s.

And yes, there are a couple of plants.


Come experience the memories, the magic, the vintage leather comfort today!