What’s black and white and red all over? Most folks would answer something like their couches, chairs or other furniture that’s exposed to that thing called daily life.

  • Black is the fabric’s original color.
  • White is the fabric after fading.
  • Red indicates all the fabric stains, thanks to spilled juice, muddy paws and jovial wine sloshes.

Even if your fabric started out blue, purple or tangerine, you’re likely to end up with a faded, muddled mess. That is, of course, unless you give Sunbrella and Crypton fabrics a try.



What They Are

Sunbrella: Originally manufactured to withstand the salt, sun and other harsh elements in a marine environment, Sunbrella fabrics have kept their heavy duty magic while evolving into pretty-as-a-picture solids and prints you can use indoors or out. Sunbrella slipcovers can be speedily hosed down with a touch of soap – no worse at all for the wear.


Crypton Super Fabrics: These powerful fabrics are resistant to water, stains and even microbes. Hotels and restaurants have long been taking advantage of these super-duper fabrics, and now they’re available for your home, yard or any other furniture your kid may one day decide to decorate with a marker. Just wipe all that marker mess right off — and hand the kid an easel for good measure. 

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