Plants that are lush, thriving, blossoming or otherwise happy and healthy can make an attractive statement. But put those same plants in the perfect planters and your statement just went from attractive to downright amazing.


How to Pick the Perfect Planters

You have a number of ways to choose the perfect planters for your perky plants, and you can bet Laurie’s has enough planters to suit your exact style and taste.



Pick the same material or colors: One of the easiest ways to pick your planters is to choose a certain material or color family and stick with them the whole way through. 


Go for a style or theme: Contemporary, country cottage, minimalistic – select a certain style and then make all of your planters jive. You can also stick with planters sporting similar shapes: cubes, urns, tall and skinny, short and squatty.



Match the plant vibe: You know you need a planter that matches the plant’s size, but you can also match the plant’s overall vibe. Flowery plants, for example, could be matched up with highly decorative containers. 


Happy hodgepodge: Does a specific planter catch your eye, scream your name or otherwise make you want to buy it? Then do. Keep repeating this method for a hodgepodge of planters that provide a charming, personalized feel.

No matter what method you use to choose your planters, you can find planters galore at Laurie’s!