Spring is cute! Spring is cuddly! But if you’ve ever been a little overwhelmed by the vibrant yellows, neon pinks and lime greens, we hear ya. This year, we’re bringing springtime back to earth. And by that we mean earth-tones.

Now, earth-tones are all the rage in the fall, but for spring? Is it crazy? You tell us! Earth tones are subtle, soft, and inviting. They make a space cozy and bring a sense of calm and nurturing. And that’s not just our opinion and experience; it’s science!


But the best thing about earth-tones isn’t just the calm they give; it’s the way they pair beautifully with pops of bold colors. This is perfect for those of us who really DO like hot pink, but just don’t want to bathe in it. The centerpiece below is a perfect example. The greys, tans, and soft greens work together to draw your eye to the beauty of the bright pink without the overwhelming visual noise of a department store Easter.


Earth-tones (much like Laurie’s taste and style) are also timeless classics that work year-round. The place-setting below is an excellent example. Though absolutely irresistible for your Easter dinner, it contains elements that would work for any dinner party at any time of year. That charger try would be perfect for your Thanksgiving dinner. The pearl napkin ring is the perfect accent for your elegant Christmas party. And if those placemats aren’t great for your summer get-together, then you’re not getting a good visual.


So now that you’re considering a new world of possibilities for earth-tones, maybe you’ll be motivated to go through those long-abandoned cabinets to see what treasures you might find. If you’ve got some good versatile pieces, we’ve got the perfect accents to match!


And if you’ve been on the vibrant-colors-only train, then we can help you tone-it-down with soft and sophisticated neutrals that will make you feel like an adult again. But don’t worry! Just because we’re turning away from freakishly loud colors doesn’t mean we’re giving up freakishly cute.



So stop by Laurie’s today and let us help you rethink spring décor!