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Lamp Sale and a Rubbish Chuck!

We’re still cleaning out the closets over here at Laurie’s, a process that led us to discover we have one heck of a peck of lamps. As with anything we want to sell pronto, we’re practically giving the lamps away at prices that’ll knock your socks off. Big lamps, little lamps, fat lamps, thin lamps, […]

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Rubbish Chuck: V-Day Closeout

One of the coolest things about Laurie is her unique way of doing things, and you’re going to love what she’s doing now. While most shops put all their holiday stuff on sale the day after the holiday, Laurie’s doing her own thing with a Valentine’s Day closeout a day before the big day. That’s right. On Friday, Feb. 13 you […]

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Rubbish Chuck: Leather Trunks

Altogether now: “Ewww, Yuck!” That’s what we say when we see people storing stuff in those flimsy and garish plastic storage containers. They buckle. They crack. And they’re usually in some bright, neon-ish color that matches absolutely nothing else in the house. This week’s Rubbish Chuck lets you fix that, beautifully, with an awesome leather […]

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Rubbish Chuck: Butcher Block

If you’re like most, your kitchen counters are probably a jumble of small appliances, appliance cords, a banana bunch, a soggy towel, a cookie jar or dog treat bin, a knife block, a spoon rest and absolutely no room to work, move or breathe. That’s why you need a butcher block – which just so […]

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Rubbish Chuck: Pair of Lamps

Some things should always go together. Ying and yang. East and west. Two super snazzy lamps that are now marked down to give you BOTH for the price of one. That’s right! This week’s Rubbish Chuck serves up a pair of dazzling lamps at a two-for-one price. What makes them so darn dazzling? Their size […]

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Rubbish Chuck: Versatile Table

Flexibility. Versatility. And probably some other “ility” words best describe this piece. This week’s Rubbish Chuck: The most versatile table/island/bar in the world! Can you picture it? Covered with pies at your holiday party. Scattered with clippings of ribbon and wrapping paper. Dressed with ice bucket and high ball glasses on New Year’s Eve. What […]

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Rubbish Chuck: Pilgrims

You got the turkey. You’re prepped to fluff up the stuffing. You even have marshmallows to melt on the yams (against your better health judgment). But no matter how prepared you may seem for Thanksgiving, you still have that nagging feeling you’re forgetting something. That’s because you are. You’re missing this week’s Rubbish Chuck: This […]

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Rubbish Chuck: Geometric Glass Decor Thing

Those who are lured by mystery will love this week’s Rubbish Chuck. Mainly because it’s a mystery as to what the heck it is. What We Do Know We do know the thing is a cool geometrical shape. We also know it’s made of glass and opens so you can put stuff in it. One […]

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Rubbish Chuck: 50% Off Halloween Stuff

Nothing is scarier than Halloween decorations haunting our store after the candy’s devoured, the monsters tuckered out and the ghouls have gone home for the season. So come get ’em outta here, will ya? (The decorations, not the ghouls.) Our special Halloween Rubbish Chuck is a special 50% off all our Halloween décor. We’ve already talked […]

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