Altogether now: “Ewww, Yuck!”

That’s what we say when we see people storing stuff in those flimsy and garish plastic storage containers. They buckle. They crack. And they’re usually in some bright, neon-ish color that matches absolutely nothing else in the house.

This week’s Rubbish Chuck lets you fix that, beautifully, with an awesome leather trunk.

These trunks add a dash of history and class to your home, with more than enough room for ample storage. They can even double as an end table or foot rest!

Each trunk measures 24 inches long by 20 inches high by 16 inches deep.

Only two in stock!

One is darker than the other, and each has its own unique sticker array.

  • Original price: Unknown, but very expensive!
  • Sale price: $295 each

Like we said, we only have two of these babies in stock. So hurry down to Laurie’s to nab one – or both – today!

All sales are final. No Holds. Come in or call 281-290-9565.
Operators are standing by!
This Rubbish Chuck is valid Friday February 6 only!