PaulaBuzzards, sheets and the whirlwind of activity are new employee Paula’s three favorite things here at Laurie’s Home Furnishings. We’ll explain it all in a minute, but first you should learn a bit about this no-nonsense gal who has been a vibrant member of Laurie’s sales team for the past three weeks.

About Paula

Originally from the Dallas area, Paula was born with a creative touch. She owned a hair salon for 25 years, showcasing her design skills through her artistic hairstyles, until she was drawn into the world of home décor. Her career move from coiffures to couches kicked off at a big box store, where she merrily worked for a decade until a trio of circumstances drew her into the next phase of her career:

  1. She got bored with the big box store
  2. She has long loved the vibe at Laurie’s
  3. She has a good friend who works here

In Paula’s case, 1 + 2 + 3 = a brand new job that she says has been a joy since she walked in the door.

Busy, Busy, Busy

“It’s always exciting here,” she said, noting how she thought the employees were keeping super-busy while Laurie was away, diligently re-arranging, meticulously sprucing and eagerly tending to customer needs. But Paula quickly admits she had no idea what busy meant until Laurie returned and the activity went full throttle. “I was shocked,” Paula says. “It’s been a whirlwind.”

Buzzards and Sheets

Now that we cleared up the whirlwind topic, it’s time to tackle the buzzards and sheets. While Paula is enamored by so many items at Laurie’s, she said the Bella Notte sheets would be her pick if she could take one thing home with her.

And the buzzards? Two of them hang out in the woods behind the store, along with a resident rabbit. Rabbits are adorable by their very nature, and the two behemoth birds are growing on Paula. This is particularly true when they spread out their massive, magnificent wings.

“They’re so ugly they’re cute,” Paula says. We told you she always had an eye for design!