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Details, Details

It’s all in the details isn’t it? You may appreciate and love the way a room looks but isn’t it the little things that finish it off? The package wouldn’t be complete without  accessories like lamps, rugs, mirrors,  and art to bring it full circle. Speaking of accessories and details…we’ve got lots for you to […]

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We hope you’ve enjoyed the intermission. Please hand your ticket to the nice ladies up front and continue on our Parade of Lamps tour. 😀 This concludes our “tour” and we  hope enjoyed our little excursion of viewing everything lamps. I would say that this covered hmmmm 1/8th of the lamps in the store!

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The Parade of Lamps part I

You light up my life… Debbie Boone would say. A staple in any home and a staple at Laurie’s too. As primitively necessary, it is recorded that the earliest lamps were “invented” around 70,000 BC. Although they were made of  natural objects like rocks, shells and soaked with animal fat to be ignited…very interesting. Thank […]

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