Laurie’s has a highly seasoned Professional Furniture Delivery Contractor that delivers furniture everyday but Sunday. Mr. Martinez and sons have been moving furniture for over 26 years. His delivery fees are reasonable and more than worth  the expense. We always recommend that large, heavy, awkward and/or expensive furniture be placed in your lovely home or business without incident by his crew.


HOWEVER, Some of you prefer to self-haul. Please be aware of our rules… sorry we just have to have them.  Otherwise, we get blamed for incidents that are clearly out of our control… i.e. careening drivers, baby huey furniture movers or nearly blind great-grandma packing techniques.


  1. Bring your own special packing blankets/pads and long straps. We do not supply them… but the delivery service does.
  2. Please inspect your goods carefully before our guys load. We know the stuff is perfect… but we don’t want you to get home and find  otherwise.
  3. We are NOT responsible for how you haul.  So if you drive like a bat out of hades; the condition of your goods may reflect this. Or, if you throw the stuff off the back of your truck onto gravel it no doubt is gonna look like you did. Don’t   stop for a “bite to eat” either… especially if it is raining. Actually hauling furniture in inclement weather is STUPID and will result in very unfortunate condition issues. 

extreme delivery hauling

Finally, if you arrive home to find the item has totally dislodged itself and gone flying… aw… shucks. But too bad. Next time you will use our excellent furniture contractor that does a great job each and every day.


In conclusion, a heads up that you are coming to load is good. But you still may have to wait once you arrive. Our guys are quick, but we sell lots and sometimes 50 of you show up at the same to load out… plan on yapping with Aunt Laurie for a bit that day!