Those of you who shop us often know that the goods bolt in and out of here. Sometimes we do not get the same thing again…ever. We know your whole house design and future happiness depends on what you saw. We know you want to purchase TODAY. But you have limitations. Many of you are building new homes, “gifting” furniture to recent graduates or simply waiting for that big bonus check to come sliding across the mailbox.

We are happy to extend 90 day terms. Put up 20% and we will store your item until your magical delivery day.

Some rules:
photo 1First, we cannot store your purchase over the 90 day terms. We want too…we just can’t. Laurie’s warehouse does not even fit her buying… ah…expertise. You have heard of putting more on your plate than you can eat…well imagine Auntie at every single furniture market in the world. She sees tons of stuff she knows all of her customers will love. She buys without inhibition. There is no way to schedule this bonanza of goods. Offshore thinking and all. (It has gotten better over the years… they at least have email and speak English usually). So literally every inch matters in her teeny tiny warehouse. And yes! Laurie’s is in the permit process of building a NEW warehouse but this adventure is mind-numbing slow.

photo 2Secondly, you say “sold” we take it off of our floor. We NEVER try to sell it to the next chick or rooster who comes in. We know your purchase is special. Finishes the look of your home. We know you and only you will have that item. If you change your mind later it blows how OUR floor looks. We do not buy 10 of everything. We are not a big box store. We offer specialty goods to special customers (you). We do not sell the same thing to every hen in the henhouse. So, we have moved on. We NEVER go back. Neither should you. When people get crabby about this rule we wonder why? We are very CLEAR upfront. We had a deal. Remember?

So come fill all your nooks and crannies pronto! Put it in Layaway for 90 days. Enjoy it for years to come.

Sign up for HouseCalls by Laurie soon. Our appointment book is nearly full. If you would like your home or second home or even third home done by Thanksgiving it is imperative we start now! Give us a call with your $200.00 payment and she will schedule you now.