Spring sprung. We danced. We sung.
We baked. We laughed. We had a blast.


OK, we really didn’t dance and sing, but we did have a blast at Laurie’s Inaugural Spring Fling. Last weekend’s three-day event came complete with many vendors, 10 baking contest winners and one big and happy Easter Bunny.

First, a thanks to the vendors:

Bristol’s Boutique
Gallery Auction
Stella & Dot
The Sweet Tooth Advisor
Turquoise Door
The Vintage Birdhouse

Now, a thank you to the Easter Bunny:

He was big. He was happy. He took loads of pix with kids (and adults and babies and puppies).


And finally, a round of delicious applause to the baking contest winners:


It was a tough and scrumptious race, but someone (or 10) had to win it. Top three prizes in each category netted $100, $5 and $25, respectively, while the Grand Prize winner was awarded a delectable $250.

Yummiest Cookie awards went to:

  • Jon Gooding
  • Shirley Shirley
  • Laura Watson

Most Delightfully Decorated was a super-tough call as all were too cute!

  • Becky Havill
  • Kathy Ehrie
  • Pam Humphrey

Fabulous Fruit Filled goodie awards were gobbled up by:

  • Catie Seal, our youngest baker at 7 years old. We expect big things from her!
  • Marilyn Watkins
  • Joyce Pound

Grand Prize Winner

Jon Gooding was a smash on about a million levels. The only guy to enter the contest. An avid baker who sends cookies to the troops. Baking for nearly 20 years. Son of world-famous auctioneer Vickie Vines, who vows to team up with sister Lou to out-bake Jon in the next contest.

Oh yes, and his cookies were a treat for the tongue and delight for the eyes, decorated as Easter eggs.

Thank you to all who helped make Laurie’s Inaugural Spring Fling a supreme success.