Laurie's-Hand-Selected-Logo-FINALWe love Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware as much as the next guy or gal. But we wonder why would people with excellent taste (and a little bit of dinaro) want to have the exact same sofa as their neighbor and the neighbor down the street? Picked from a  catalog none-the-less.  Like Sears and Roebuck. No special treatment. No special fabric. No cool nail head or trim applique. Nada. One that might have (and we gasp to ourselves when we think about this)… inferior “guts”.

So we went into the upholstery business in a way that could only be classified as excessively proprietor-shipish. Is this a word?  Even for Laurie’s standards. And today is the day. Laurie’s received her first 53′ trailer full of cool and unusual upholstery manufactured in the good ole USA.  North Carolina to be exact. Manufactured exclusively for her!

Nobody in Conroe, The Woodlands, Houston or anyplace else on planet earth has these sofas or chairs. NOBODY.

These nifty goods were created  in a designer boutique factory on a work floor that has been around since buggy seat days. Laurie imagined if these folks could build a seat that can take constant jogging up and down for hundreds of rocky miles that they could build a sofa or sectional for normal rambunctious families in Tomball. 

The load was designed in cahoots with the nearly famous designer Allison M. and her bigger than hot-stuff boss Frank.  They have been doing some work for cool stores in the North Hamptons, SoHo and that well known department store from Dallas for a bit. 

So beat feet over here to be oohed and awed. It won’t last long… of course it won’t all fit on the showroom floor in one big swoop either.