With Halloween lurking alluringly around the corner, we’re sure you’ve gotten your fair share of tricks leading up to the spooky holiday. And now it’s time to get your treats, with a big, fat, 50-percent off sale on Halloween goodies at Laurie’s.



  • What: 50 Percent off Halloween Decor Sale
  • When: Now to Nov. 1
  • Why: Because you can never have too many quality witches, pumpkins and jack-o-lantern candle holders!

Notice we say “quality” when we’re describing our witches, pumpkins and candle holders. And the same holds true across the board for all the other Halloween décor we’ve been talking up for weeks now.

While our sale starts with enough time to gather up goodies to display in your home before this year’s haunting holiday, the quality stuff you get from Laurie’s will also last you year after year.



Just Because It’s Orange…

You can certainly argue that any décor with orange on it would stay perpetually in style for Halloween, but that’s just not true. We scouted a few examples that make our case, such as a faux flying saucer crash and splayed alien displayed on someone’s lawn for Halloween, and another display that involved a grimacing jack-o-lantern giving birth to a mini-pumpkin.

Amusing for a moment, or even a day, sure. But neither example is something you’d really want associated with your home year after year. Besides, where would you store a 4-foot flying saucer when it’s not in use?

Yet both could have hues of orange on them. We rest our case.

Never Goes out of Style

Opt for the half-price Halloween décor from Laurie’s and you’re getting a piece that is classic and actually classy – even though “classy” is not typically a word reserved for Halloween.






Find fabulous owls, rustic lanterns, autumnal knickknacks.

Come on down to Laurie’s Now through Nov. 1 and see what we mean!