Choosing an Interior Designer that Fits Your Style

Your home is much more than your haven. It’s an extension of your personality. And to ensure your personality really comes through in a way that works for you, you’ve got to find an interior designer that fits your style. How do you do that? Not with random phone calls, blindly plucking a name off […]

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Three Weeks, Two Cats and One Zebra Rug

When it comes to moving into a new house, most folks are lucky if they’ve unpacked at least half the boxes after three weeks. Not Kendall Nidoh. This gal took the fast track with help from Aunt Laurie’s House Calls, our mobile decorating team. Kendall’s new house is thus deliciously decked out with a fresh, new […]

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Grand Parkway Opening: Getting To Laurie’s is Easier Then Ever

With the opening of State Highway 99, we’re closer than ever to our friends in Sugar Land, Katy, Cypress, and… you name it. Isn’t that exciting?! Now you can zip on over to the freshest style in the greater Houston area. We thought they should name it the Laurie’s Expressway, but alas, politics… If you’re new to […]

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Come Meet the Home of Mary Ross, Part 2

In part one of our tour, you met Mary Ross, her awesome home design business, her dog Happy and her home’s entryway and living room. Now we’re moving on through the rest of her showplace with more tunes to set the mood for every room. Bedroom/Hallway Mood-setting tune: Unforgettable – Nat King Cole White on white […]

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Come Meet the Home of Mary Ross, Part 1

Being invited into someone’s home is always an honor. But when you’re invited into the home of Mary Ross, it’s an honor, a pleasure and an adventure in dang good taste. Make that excellent taste, since 90 percent of her furniture happens to come from Laurie’s! Her home’s sensational style, however, goes much deeper than […]

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House Calls by Laurie’s

Do you ever find yourself 5 steps into Laurie’s, looking around in amazement, drooling on the closest club chair, or maybe even feeling feverish?! Well good news because Laurie’s now makes HOUSE CALLS! Yes, you know you like a little of this and a lot of that but somehow it just doesn’t always come together. […]

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