It’s summer fun time at Laurie’s, which means you need to brace yourself for two things.

The first is the super-cool, beachy keen décor we have kicking around the store.


The second is the super-corny language we’re going to use to sell you on this stuff. Those who are particularly acute will have already noticed we slipped in our first instance with “beachy keen.”

In any event, if you’re ready for both, then you’re ready to check out a wave of reasons you want some of this beachy décor from Laurie’s.

beach5 beach4

You don’t have to get crabby if you’re anchored in the house. Yeah, we know. Work. Kids. Clogged garbage disposals. Sometimes it can be tough to head out to the beach. Now you don’t have to. The beach comes to you!

It brings back childhood memories. Unless you were raised in a landlocked zone somewhere in Antarctica, you probably spent at least part of your childhood summers at a shore somewhere. Even the smallest piece of driftwood art can bring back a massive tide of fond memories.   

Shells rock. They can also make for some amazing art. And we’re not talking shell jewelry she sells by the seashore. We’re talking about the ocean of options you get when you use shells on stuff like chandeliers.

No swampy mess. Forget sandy footprints, muddy foyers and drenched towels draped on the furniture. Our beachy décor gives you the splash of benefits without the sweeping, mopping or spot-cleaning that’s normally involved after a trip to the shore.

beach2 beach1

Giving your home a beachy boost can make every day a mini-vacation. Ride the tide down to Laurie’s today!