I know we have told you that our trip was wonderful, and the weather was beautiful…and we bought a CONTAINER full of items that will grace our showroom floor very very soon…

but… we have told you about our tour guide TONY?  He refers to himself as a different name, but of course we “nicknamed” him.  Or have we told you that on the flight there, the gentleman to our left built a fort and the not so gentleman in front of Auntie reclined so very far that he was in her lap??

Did we tell you that people told us “DO NOT RENT A CAR, BECAUSE THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE TO PARK!” and yet all we saw were parking spots in every single lot we passed???  Did we tell you that our CABBIE, our new boyfriend is from Jordan/Bethlehem…where he used to manage a Burger King!

Did we tell you that we KNOW all the trivia about San Francisco and their famous singers that have come and gone…???

Did we tell you that we LOVE to eat at HARD ROCK CAFE on our trips and have a bucket list to hit each and every single one??

Did we tell you that we truly have a fantastic time when we travel, making memories and laughing…and playing…and sight seeing…and meeting friends along the way.

We hope you enjoy the following pictures…we are super excited for our next trip!

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