It’s bunny season at Laurie’s!

Whether you’re hoping for classic, cuddly, vintage or weird-looking bunnies, Laurie’s is the place to find ’em. You’ll want to take a few of these little hoppers home as part of your Easter decor, as bunnies come with plenty of benefits.

Top Bunny Benefits

C&S-23-3They’re way cuter than Santa Claus. Yeah, we know. Santa comes blasting onto the scene with sacks and sacks of toys. But even though the Easter Bunny usually only brings a single basket, he’s much more adorable than an old guy with a beard. That cuteness counts for at least 700 toys – or at least tell your kids that when they ask why they only get a single Easter basket.

Bunnies hop, skitter, dart and do all kinds of other fun verbs. All rabbit activities sound like a blast. Leap. Lop. Hurdle. Bound. Bounce. Spring. Procreate.

They’re universally loved. It’s human nature to adore cute, fuzzy things like rabbits, especially when those cute things come with puffy tails.

You’ll never go to bed angry. Even if you’ve had the worst day in the world, the worst fight with your spouse or the worst dog mess to clean up off your carpet, you simply can’t go to bed angry with a bunny looking on. Try it. The next time you’re enraged, take a quick glance at a happy bunny face. You can’t stay angry looking at that!

Look at these sweet faces all day long with bunnies from Laurie’s!