You don’t need ill-fitting overalls to give your home a farmhouse overhaul. All you need is a quick hop, skip and jump to Laurie’s.

Farmhouse décor is hotter than a mad mother hen, and Laurie has her own special take on the country style. We serve up charming farmhouse flair with homey touches that add a quaint touch of sophistication – instead of the usual tacky plaid.



No hay bales.

No rusty tractor parts.

Just plenty of delightful décor to give your home a cozy, farmhouse feel.

Take a gander at just a few examples and you’ll see what we mean.

Farmhouse Dinnerware

Ever notice how food tastes 500 times more delicious when it’s served up on just the right plates? In this case the right plates are the same type you’d find at Aunt Millie’s in Nebraska. Except they haven’t been chipped, dinged or repeatedly licked by a hound dog named Sam.



Farmhouse Patterns 

You’ll be snug as a bug in a rug – or linens – with the farmhouse patterns on premium materials. Go for soft, sweet and soothingly comfy country colors and motifs.

Keep the farmhouse feel going with farmhouse-inspired clocks, jars, mugs, placemats or anything else that catches your fancy.

Skedaddle down to Laurie’s today, as our farmhouse décor surely won’t last until the cows come home!