Can you hear the jingle bells in the distance? Smell the faint aroma of cinnamon and pine? Maybe you can even taste a bit of peppermint on your tongue, part imagination and part anticipation of the jolly holiday that’s coming soon.

Yep, Christmas is well on its way. It’ll be here before you know it!

Being the good planner that Laurie always is, our warehouse is already prepped for it, bursting with boxes full of Christmas stuff. Heck, we can barely even get a broom in there anymore!

With the boxes of cheer bursting at the seams, it’ll be tough for us to hold this stuff back much longer. Wreaths and boughs are already peeking out around the packaging. Bells are bouncing off the box walls, begging to escape.


Our cavalcade of Christmas décor will be officially unleashed for our Christmas Open House, which will also be here before you know it!

  • What: Laurie’s Christmas Open House
  • When: Nov. 13 to 15
  • Why: Good cheer, good company and super-duper Christmas décor

We encourage folks to come on down to Laurie’s when the holiday décor is as fresh out of the boxes as possible. Not only does this ensure you get the prime pick of the fixings, but it’s also when the décor is at its energetic best. All that time in those boxes makes for loads of pent up energy the décor is sure to unfurl during the open house.

Wreaths will be waving, elves will be dancing and, if you’re quick enough, you may even catch a glimpse of a wooden Santa or two marching across the shelf.

And you may even catch that same glimpse a bit before the open house. While we are certainly trying our best to keep all the Christmas goodies contained, there’s no telling what they do when we shut off the lights and go home for the day.


Some may just leak out early. Head down to Laurie’s to keep an eye out for their escape!