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Black Friday at Laurie’s

Thanksgiving Day is for watching football and eating turkey. The day after, and day after that, are for savings, savings and more savings at Laurie’s. Come on down Black Friday and Saturday, November 25 and 26 for delightful deals across the shop. New holiday décor is veritably exploding throughout the store, just waiting for you […]

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Black Friday Sale!

Oooh, ahhh, woweeeeee! Hear those wonderful holiday sounds? Those are the same sounds you’ll hear at Laurie’s when you see the six sensational items for sale on Black Friday and Saturday, November 27 and 28. Head down to Laurie’s during our sale and you’ll find: • Gobs of glittering holiday décor festooned festively for sale throughout the store. • A […]

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Find Tinsy and Win a Laurie’s Gift Card

Rush right into Laurie’s Look closely on each shelf Since you can win a hefty gift If you spot Tinsy the Elf! That’s right, folks, it’s time once again to browse, scan, gaze, inspect and otherwise go crazy looking through the oodles of Christmas décor packed in Laurie’s 23,000-square-foot showroom in search of Tinsy the Elf. Find him and you win a […]

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Black Friday at Laurie’s Rocks (Here’s Why)

Here at Laurie’s we have much to be thankful for, and the day after Thanksgiving is one of our favorite days of the year. Full from turkey and still giggling from the annual Dale family Thanksgiving Bingo Bonanza, we welcome all of you to our spectacular, magical Christmas Days. Park 100 feet from the front […]

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