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One, two
Try the crib
in blue

Three, four
Does the rose
match more?

Five, six
Verdant green
does the trick

Seven, eight
Did you see
that lace?

Nine, ten
Sweet dreams



No matter what color or fabrics you choose, your baby’s going to be caressed in luxury with Bella Notte nursery linens. That’s why Laurie’s stocks them. In fact, we recently dedicated an entire section of the shop to these amazing pieces.

From tender blues to soothing purples, calming browns to whispering whites, the garment-dyed linens are just bold enough to make a sensational statement without overwhelming.

Bella Notte prides itself on using only low-impact and non-toxic fiber reactive dyes, which means the dyes actually bond directly to the fiber molecule. This gives you a strong, high-quality hue that’s not only designed to last, but also to make the least amount of impact on the earth.



Earth-Friendly, Baby-Friendly

And then there are the fabrics. Now’s a good time to take a big sigh. They, too, are low-impact, grown and harvested using methods that make the earth happy. But that’s not why you’re sighing. You’re sighing from the touch-me textures and dreamy feel of the organic cotton, hemp and gads of other all-natural fabrics for which Bella Notte is known.

Go ahead, touch it. Run your hands down the velvety face of the pillow case, over the puckered quilting of the blankets, through the downy drapes of the sheets. These babies are competing with your baby for the softest feel, although our experience has shown a baby’s bottom wins out every time!



The Real Reason Babies Cry at Night?

While we haven’t done a scientific study on it, we’ll bet babies sleep much better surrounded by Bella Notte nursery linens than by creepy cartoon characters, screaming colors and scratchy, synthetic fabrics. Wouldn’t you?


Ready for your baby to enjoy sweet dreams? Come check out Laurie’s Bella Notte nursery linens today!