Santa needs more elves!!!

helpwantedLaurie’s Home Furnishings in Tomball is looking for a highly energetic and outgoing individual to join our family of associates.
Full-Time Associate includes Saturday and Sunday

Must have retail furniture experience 
General floor merchandising 
General maintenance of showroom
Experienced in home design

Highly motivated in very fast paced environment. Self-starter. Smart. Organized. Extremely multi-task oriented. Common-sense. Fleet of foot. No whiners. Works well with others. 



If you are looking for a piece with personality, this is it. He’s Romantic, Dramatic, and has a story to tell. And he can hold 12 candles. There is a slight chance that he’s magical and he’ll sing “be our guest” every time you come home and tell you to sit back and relax and put your feet up and stuff.

26″ High x 36″ Wide. Wooden Base.
Originally $450
Rubbish Chuck Price $50 !!

Rubbish Chucks are sold “as is”.  The items are severely, and we mean seriously discounted.  It is an amazing  bargain.  Will never be sold at that price again.  Sometimes it is the last one.  Or has been discontinued.  We want the “rubbish chuck” to leave our floor to make more room for all the new kids in town. 

So if you don’t like its character flaws…just walk away.  Don’t invite it into your home.  If you can’t live with it’s issues… leave it… quickly. But once you embrace it, buy it and invite it in… it is YOURS.  It is gone from here forever.  That means until you know what freezes over you will be sitting or serving on it.  Whining and flaying around will do no good.  We have told YOU the rules.  Seriously.  That’s the end of it.  Shush up. Be happy.

All sales are final. No Holds.
Come in or call 281-290-9565.
Operators are standing by!

One word sums up Laurie’s Designer Day: massive success.

OK, “massive success” is technically two words, but it gives you an idea of just how awesome the entire day turned out. A steady stream of designers made their way through Laurie’s doors on August 14, delighting in everything that was going on.

The overall gist of the event is to give designers a chance to stop by Laurie’s and check out our sensational smattering of home décor. They got an eyeful of our current offerings, oohed and aahed at our newly painted and vignette showrooms, and even got a sneak peek at some of the goodies we have coming up for fall.

DesignerDay9We snapped a few pix of some of our faves; check out that bedding by Lili Alessandra (represented by Martha Kean) and tablescape by Jan Barboglio. Neat, huh?

As if checking out mounds of marvelous décor wasn’t enough, we had treats to eat, door prizes and a slew of seminars from top-notch companies. Here come their names:


  • Bella Notte
  • Dovetail
  • Four Seasons Furniture
  • Goetz
  • Grassroots
  • Highland House
  • Hooker Furniture
  • Leftbank Art
  • Loloi
  • Pine Cone Hill
  • Sherill Furniture
  • Taylor King
  • Theodore Alexander

And here comes the great big thanks to all the designers who stopped by, especially those that we’ve had the pleasure of working with. THANKS!

The event was such a thrill that plans are already in place for Designer Day 2015. A little bird told us that Laurie is planning a greet and teach seminar from one of the HGTV or Designer Stars. Stay tuned!

If your home could use a creative boost from a brilliant designer, give Laurie’s a holler today.

It won’t be long before Fall is here, in fact it’s already beginning to appear at laurie’s. That means we’re getting ready for our 2nd Annual Fall Festival. Planning is underway, it’s going to be a blast, so save the date now! We’re also filling out our roster of vendors for the event, so if you want to be involved please contact



Would you believe we have too many of these gorgeous buffets?
Oh well… that’s good news for you.
Here’s the stats:

  • Built in solid Indian hardwood with a sealed finish
  • Hand forged wrought iron door panels
  • One fixed shelf in each section. Four exterior drawers
  • Antiqued brass hardware
  • Dimensions: 82″W x 20″D x 46″H
  • Interior has adequate timeout space for small misbehaving children or naughty pets.

*All but one of these facts are true

Regularly $1,395
Rubbish Chuck price is $895!

You know the rules…
All sales are final. No Holds.
Come in or call 281-290-9565.
Operators are standing by!

Bad things can happen when you don’t hire a designer. Contrary to stubborn or misled beliefs, not everyone in the world has a keen eye when it comes to picking, mixing and matching their own fabric, furniture and other home décor. These photos prove it.

Bad Things vs. Good Things

Check out the bad things that can happen without a designer and the good things that can come from hiring one.

photo 2The Bad Thing: You home looks like a rummage sale, with mismatched fabrics, clashing patterns, mounds of clutter and furniture placed at odd, uncomfortable angles.

The Good Thing: A designer assesses the overall form and function of each room, ensuring furniture is placed in a way that accommodates the room’s use, the fabrics blend beautifully and patterns make a bold statement instead of a mangled mess. A designer will pay attention to the aesthetics of each individual room as well as the house as a whole, ensuring the home flows together with style.

photo 5The Bad Thing: Your dining room wall sports a Velvet Elvis.

The Good Thing: A designer will find the perfect place for it (perhaps somewhere in the garage).

The Bad Thing: You just spent the last four weeks and all kinds of crazy efforts picking out all this décor. Then you brought it home and it looks like, well, manure.

The Good Thing: Designers take the weight off your shoulders. You don’t have to spend time, energy, efforts and gas money zooming around town for décor that might work – or not. They know décor that will work, and take care of the hassles for you.

photo 4

Ready to learn more about how a designer can help you plan and choose the perfect items for your home? Call Laurie’s today!


Those of you who shop us often know that the goods bolt in and out of here. Sometimes we do not get the same thing again…ever. We know your whole house design and future happiness depends on what you saw. We know you want to purchase TODAY. But you have limitations. Many of you are building new homes, “gifting” furniture to recent graduates or simply waiting for that big bonus check to come sliding across the mailbox.

We are happy to extend 90 day terms. Put up 20% and we will store your item until your magical delivery day.

Some rules:
photo 1First, we cannot store your purchase over the 90 day terms. We want too…we just can’t. Laurie’s warehouse does not even fit her buying… ah…expertise. You have heard of putting more on your plate than you can eat…well imagine Auntie at every single furniture market in the world. She sees tons of stuff she knows all of her customers will love. She buys without inhibition. There is no way to schedule this bonanza of goods. Offshore thinking and all. (It has gotten better over the years… they at least have email and speak English usually). So literally every inch matters in her teeny tiny warehouse. And yes! Laurie’s is in the permit process of building a NEW warehouse but this adventure is mind-numbing slow.

photo 2Secondly, you say “sold” we take it off of our floor. We NEVER try to sell it to the next chick or rooster who comes in. We know your purchase is special. Finishes the look of your home. We know you and only you will have that item. If you change your mind later it blows how OUR floor looks. We do not buy 10 of everything. We are not a big box store. We offer specialty goods to special customers (you). We do not sell the same thing to every hen in the henhouse. So, we have moved on. We NEVER go back. Neither should you. When people get crabby about this rule we wonder why? We are very CLEAR upfront. We had a deal. Remember?

So come fill all your nooks and crannies pronto! Put it in Layaway for 90 days. Enjoy it for years to come.

Sign up for HouseCalls by Laurie soon. Our appointment book is nearly full. If you would like your home or second home or even third home done by Thanksgiving it is imperative we start now! Call Nancy with your $200.00 payment and she will schedule you now.


Today’s Rubbish chuck is oozing with confidence and dripping with charisma. We’re talking about LEATHER. These works of masculine art conjure images of Hemingway, Scotch, Your Grandfather, Pipe Tobacco, and Rich Mahogany.

All of the leather on this furniture was taken from baseball mitts used by the 1927 New York Yankees (not really, but we won’t tell your husband.) The finest leathers and construction in the world… really. Unsurpassable manufactured exclusively in North Carolina !!

And it’s 20% off. Today only. In store items only. Call or stop by.

RubbishChuck7-25-14Did you know we have an art room? It’s full. We need to clear it out and TODAY is the day. So if you need to freshen up your walls or finally fill that big hole above your mantle- today could be your day, too. There are piles of options with something to suit every room in your home.

Normal Rubbish Chuck Rules apply- no holds, no returns, great prices. See you soon.