Best-of-2014-Winner-Twitter1 Laurie's Home Furnishings has been voted the "Best Furniture Store" for both the Spring/Champions area AND The Woodlands for 2014! 
"Living Magazine's sophisticated audience voted for their favorite businesses in the Best Of 2014 Reader's Choice contest and Laurie's Home Furnishing's was chosen as a winner!"
It brings us great joy knowing you love every chaise, hutch, settee, fuzzy pillow, mirror and chandelier we cram into our store and we will go right on doing it-- but bigger and better than the last year. Stay tuned for all the wonderful things Aunt Laurie has in store!!!

Chandeliers. You want ’em, we got ’em. Even if you don’t want ’em, we got ’em. From the mind-blowingly ornate to the simple or trendy, we've got a mass of chandeliers hanging out at Laurie’s. Their brilliant designs speak for themselves. And we have loads more styles here at the shop.


We could spend this whole write-up inviting you to do things like “dive into the streamlined designs that glitter with glory, sparkle with sensation and literally drip with opulence.”

But we won’t.

We’ll instead grace you with a crash course on these cool contraptions. Ready?

  • The word “chandelier” comes from the French “chandelle.” That means candle holder. The earliest chandeliers held candles and were probably a massive fire hazard when introduced back in the 1300s.
  • The first chandeliers were made of two wood beams crossed in the center. Spikes on the ends held the candles.
  • “Gasoliers” hit the scene in the early 1700s, featuring gas-powered lighting instead of candles. Thankfully the name went back to "chandeliers" when they evolved to electricity.
  • Only churches, gathering halls or the excessively wealthy were initially able to snag one of these opulent beasts. Now we’re lucky enough to serve up chandeliers of all sizes, shapes, designs and prices here at Laurie’s.

Some famous chandeliers of note:

  • Evlis’s Graceland boasts a wrought-iron and Italian-cut glass contraption that takes 72 light bulbs.
  • California’s Winchester Mystery House (of the gun family fame) has a chandelier that was revamped to hold 13 candles instead of 12 to keep the resident ghosts happy.
  • The White House’s Blue Room sports a 79-foot by 36-foot chandelier that takes a single person two days to clean.

Chandeliers. They’re not just for mansions anymore. Come see what we got. Don’t leave us hanging!

RubbishChuck7-25-14 Did you know we have an art room? It's full. We need to clear it out and TODAY is the day. So if you need to freshen up your walls or finally fill that big hole above your mantle- today could be your day, too. There are piles of options with something to suit every room in your home. Normal Rubbish Chuck Rules apply- no holds, no returns, great prices. See you soon.

PaulaBuzzards, sheets and the whirlwind of activity are new employee Paula’s three favorite things here at Laurie’s Home Furnishings. We’ll explain it all in a minute, but first you should learn a bit about this no-nonsense gal who has been a vibrant member of Laurie’s sales team for the past three weeks.

About Paula

Originally from the Dallas area, Paula was born with a creative touch. She owned a hair salon for 25 years, showcasing her design skills through her artistic hairstyles, until she was drawn into the world of home décor. 

Busy, Busy, Busy

“It’s always exciting here,” she said, noting how she thought the employees were keeping super-busy while Laurie was away, diligently re-arranging, meticulously sprucing and eagerly tending to customer needs. But Paula quickly admits she had no idea what busy meant until Laurie returned and the activity went full throttle. “I was shocked," Paula says. "It’s been a whirlwind."

Buzzards and Sheets

Now that we cleared up the whirlwind topic, it’s time to tackle the buzzards and sheets. While Paula is enamored by so many items at Laurie’s, she said the Bella Notte sheets would be her pick if she could take one thing home with her.

And the buzzards? Two of them hang out in the woods behind the store, along with a resident rabbit. Rabbits are adorable by their very nature, and the two behemoth birds are growing on Paula. This is particularly true when they spread out their massive, magnificent wings.

“They’re so ugly they’re cute,” Paula says. We told you she always had an eye for design!

Rubbish Chuck Rubbish (n.) debris, junk, nonsense Chuck (v.) to throw, hurl or pitch away.

  Display your all your bobbles and bits on this 3 level metal stand. From jams and jellies in the bathroom to sweet treats and iced confections in the kitchen; it's the perfect presentation for all your delectable delights.  It Stands Fifty Four Inches High and Twenty Inches Deep at it's widest. Originally priced at $198, it's yours for $99 if you can get here or call first! 281-290-9565. RubbishChuck7-18-14 All sales are final. No Holds. Come in or call 281-290-9565. Operators are standing by!
Laurie's has a highly seasoned Professional Furniture Delivery Contractor that delivers furniture everyday but Sunday. Mr. Martinez and sons have been moving furniture for over 26 years. His delivery fees are reasonable and more than worth  the expense. We always recommend that large, heavy, awkward and/or expensive furniture be placed in your lovely home or business without incident by his crew.


HOWEVER, Some of you prefer to self-haul. Please be aware of our rules... sorry we just have to have them.  Otherwise, we get blamed for incidents that are clearly out of our control... i.e. careening drivers, baby huey furniture movers or nearly blind great-grandma packing techniques.


  1. Bring your own special packing blankets/pads and long straps. We do not supply them... but the delivery service does.
  2. Please inspect your goods carefully before our guys load. We know the stuff is perfect... but we don't want you to get home and find  otherwise.
  3. We are NOT responsible for how you haul.  So if you drive like a bat out of hades; the condition of your goods may reflect this. Or, if you throw the stuff off the back of your truck onto gravel it no doubt is gonna look like you did. Don't   stop for a "bite to eat" either... especially if it is raining. Actually hauling furniture in inclement weather is STUPID and will result in very unfortunate condition issues. 

extreme delivery hauling

Finally, if you arrive home to find the item has totally dislodged itself and gone flying... aw... shucks. But too bad. Next time you will use our excellent furniture contractor that does a great job each and every day.


In conclusion, a heads up that you are coming to load is good. But you still may have to wait once you arrive. Our guys are quick, but we sell lots and sometimes 50 of you show up at the same to load out... plan on yapping with Aunt Laurie for a bit that day!

Rubbish Chuck Rubbish (n.) debris, junk, nonsense Chuck (v.) to throw, hurl or pitch away


  Who doesn't love a good basket? To us, they say adventure!  'Gone Picknicking!'- when filled with a blanket and fruit and sandwiches.  'Down to the Beach'- when filled with sunscreen and bucket and shovel.  Or simpy displayed in the laundry room, full of all those perfectly picked suds that clean it all off at the end of the day.  These baskets are well made and will carry your goodies for years to come. And did we mention they're half price?!  $20 Each The big one is 20"H and 16"D The smaller one is 18"H and 14"D They're a great pair. RubbishChuck7-11-14 All sales are final. No Holds. Come in or call 281-290-9565. Operators are standing by!

It’s summer fun time at Laurie’s, which means you need to brace yourself for two things.

The first is the super-cool, beachy keen décor we have kicking around the store.


The second is the super-corny language we’re going to use to sell you on this stuff. Those who are particularly acute will have already noticed we slipped in our first instance with “beachy keen.”

In any event, if you’re ready for both, then you’re ready to check out a wave of reasons you want some of this beachy décor from Laurie’s.

beach5 beach4

You don’t have to get crabby if you’re anchored in the house. Yeah, we know. Work. Kids. Clogged garbage disposals. Sometimes it can be tough to head out to the beach. Now you don’t have to. The beach comes to you!

It brings back childhood memories. Unless you were raised in a landlocked zone somewhere in Antarctica, you probably spent at least part of your childhood summers at a shore somewhere. Even the smallest piece of driftwood art can bring back a massive tide of fond memories.   

Shells rock. They can also make for some amazing art. And we're not talking shell jewelry she sells by the seashore. We're talking about the ocean of options you get when you use shells on stuff like chandeliers.

No swampy mess. Forget sandy footprints, muddy foyers and drenched towels draped on the furniture. Our beachy décor gives you the splash of benefits without the sweeping, mopping or spot-cleaning that’s normally involved after a trip to the shore.

beach2 beach1

Giving your home a beachy boost can make every day a mini-vacation. Ride the tide down to Laurie’s today!