One instance of success is good. But Laurie’s is going even better with a double dose of the stuff. The first comes from our festival. The second comes from a chair. Yes, a chair. But we’ll get to that part after we talk up our festival.

Laurie’s Fall Festival Success

fallfestival7Laurie’s east lawn was exploding with excitement last weekend when our second annual Fall Festival kicked into high gear. This annual event features entertainment, food, vendors and a chance for the community to mingle and grin.

Yeah, it’s pretty cool. And pretty tasty too, especially with our baking contests that judge things like pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie.

fallfestival1Congrats to all the baking contest winners for sharing your scrumptious creations. Thanks to Bernie’s Burger Bus and Oodles Entertainment for the burgers and balloons and face painting, respectively.

And a big bushel of appreciation goes to our vivacious vendors that included:

  • Arbonne
  • Stella & Dot
  • The Vintage Birdhouse
  • Silpada
  • Whimsical Works

All that fanfare, fun and frolicking was exhausting indeed, and we have a very special chair where you can sit back, take a load off, relax.

hayden1A Chair that Says Success

Folding chairs say
-Last-minute planning

-Too cheap to buy real chairs
-Unexpected guests.

Beanbag chairs say
-Too cheap to buy real chairs
-A kid that never grew up.

Wicker chairs say
-Here, kitty, kitty
-Come wreck me
-To the cat.

And the Hayden linen leather seat says

A Hayden linen leather seat says Success.

Chairs really do make a colossal impression, don’t they?
Make your own successful one with this Hayden wood, linen and leather beauty from Laurie’s! Stop by or shop online today.


baking5Grand Big Prize Winner!
Kristi (pie)

Pumpkin Pie
1st- Shirley Shirley
2nd- Katie Smith
3rd- Faith Longnecker

Pumpkin Cookie
1st- Becky Havill
2nd- Maria Baldera
3rd- Laura Watson

Pumpkin Bread
1st- Roslyn Gorder
2nd- Rusty Barron
3rd- Georgie Dale (youngest contestant)

Please drop by the store anytime after 11AM on Monday for the next two weeks to receive your prize!
Thanks for all who participated. There are so many good bakers in our area. Laurie’s is happy to share the “leftovers” with all of our fun customers. Love it!




There is no rubbish chuck today…
Because Aunt Laurie is throwing a Fabulous Fall Festival!! 
In case you didn’t know, here’s what’s going on:
- Bernie Burger Bus from 11-3. Get you some! 
- Vendors including jewelry, skincare, accessories, adorable kids clothes and more!! 
- And inside? Well we’re bursting at the seams with fall decor for your home, of course!! Not to mention a smattering of new pretties you cannot live without.


Last, if you are competing in Saturdays baking contest- you can drop that off today as well. 
So there’s your Friday- food, fall, and fun. See you soon!!!



Well, you’ve been hearing about it and it’s finally here- Laurie’s 2nd Annual Fall Festival starts this Friday! Here’s a rundown of all the goings-on:

  • Bernie’s Burger Bus will be here on Friday from 11AM – 3PM. If you’ve never had Bernie’s, you’re missing out. Check out their website.
  • Judging for the Baking Contest will be happening on Saturday at 2PM with special a guest from Treat! If you want to enter your delightful delectables, just drop off your entry at the front desk on Friday or Saturday morning. We promise that most of it will still be there when it’s time for judging (just kidding).
  • Free Facepainting and Balloon Art for the kids on Saturday from 1-3 PM by Oodles Entertainment
  • Great Vendors will be on hand, and you can get a look at their wow-worthy wares all weekend long!


RubbishChuck9-19-14Few things are more sinful (or boring) than bare walls, and this week’s Rubbish Chuck gives your home the quick fix it needs.

Head over to Laurie’s Art Room for a juicy 50 percent off the original price of anything and everything in it!

What the heck’s the Art Room?

Our Art Room is a rather small room in our rather large store with art literally spilling out the door. That’s why we want you to come and buy the stuff.

You’ll find goodies of all shapes, sizes, colors and styles to match any imaginable type of décor or mood.

  • Illustrations of mushrooms for your kitchen
  • Mini-posters of acrobats for your hall
  • Artsy photos of people you don’t know that would look really cool in your den

Rubbish Chuck: 50 percent off original price

Hurry down before someone snatches up the mushroom!


The dining table has held power throughout history. It holds even more of it today.

We wine there. We dine there.
We play cards with our uncles.

Knit scarves with our aunts.
Trade gossip with our neighbors.
Whisper secrets to our pals.

Sturdy, smooth and strong. Made magnificent with magnolia.
A solid, balled pedestal holds zillions of pounds. Surrounded by chairs that embrace it.
Tall-backed and comfy, ready for support. We’re supported, we’re enthralled at the dining table.


It’s a base for our workload.
A slab for our crafts.

The place for kids’ homework.
A centerpiece for life.
The dining table’s the heart of the home.

Perhaps the furniture used most, more than beds, desks and couches.
We can sleep and watch TV on the floor, but we can’t gather in glee without a dining table.
It’s for birthdays and bashes. Anniversaries and dates.
Board games and grog songs. Stories and lore. It’s where we learned our great-grandpa was a hero.
It’s where we found out the new baby was a girl.

It’s the site of sit-downs for important decisions: The budget. The vacation. The new pet.
It’s for feasting and sharing. Laughter and unloading.

Cacciatore and candles. A morning cup of Joe.
Do it right with a tablecloth and dim lighting, and it just might be the place he’ll propose.

Can you imagine all that going down around a cheap, flimsy folding table?
Neither can we. Do life right. Grace your home with the Magnolia Dining Table and Nellie Side Chairs it deserves.


You can now totally deck out your home without even leaving it. Shop online at Laurie’s today!


This week’s Rubbish Chuck is the bomb for you if you:

  • Dig vintage cars
  • Know someone who digs vintage cars
  • Know someone who knows someone who digs vintage cars
  • Have seen a vintage car at least once in your life
  • What’s with all the vintage car stuff?

The first thing we thought when we saw this sleek and sporty white-striped grey chair is that it would be fabulous installed in a ’57 Chevy.

Don’t have the Chevy?

Your den or game room will do.

The fabric kind of looks like leather, but it’s not. It’s a suede-y feeling material. The chair measures 24” wide by 27” deep by 32” high, with an arm height of 24”.

Original price: $995
Rubbish Chuck price: $200

Zoom down to Laurie’s to snag this Chevy seat today!

You know the deal:
All sales are final. No Holds.
Come in or call 281-290-9565.
Operators are standing by!

RubbishChuck9-5-14Two-faced is atrocious when it pops up in your coworkers or friends. But find the trait in this week’s Rubbish Chuck and you find a chair that’s to be celebrated!

Alright, alright. You don’t have to throw a party over it. But you will want to put this awesome two-faced chair in a highly visible area of your home. Showing off its back lets you bask in the chair’s full glory.

  • The front features a soothing and inviting solid blue
  • The back dances with fancy navy embellishments

This uniquely handsome chair measures 29” wide by 20” deep by 39” high. The arm height is 24”.

  • Original price: $1195
  • Rubbish Chuck price: $500

Boogie on down to Laurie’s. We have a feeling this baby’s going fast!

Don’t Forget:
All sales are final. No Holds.
Come in or call 281-290-9565.
Operators are standing by!


The world would be a better place if:

  • People didn’t moan and cry about fall being the end of summer
  • Everything were orange

First off, fall is not the end of summer. Well, technically it is, but that’s not what folks should focus on. Whatever happened to the glass-half-full theory?
Fall should not be viewed as the end of anything, but the beginning of crisp, cool sweater weather, a chance to break out those awesome boots, and two dazzling delights going down at Laurie’s. One is the debut of our fabulous fall décor. The second is the equally fabulous Fall Festival Sept. 26 to 28.


About Laurie’s Fall Décor

Here’s where we got the stuff about the orange. OK, not everything needs to be orange. Green lights can stay green and stop signs can stay red. But dress up the rest of your home, yard or world with this cheerful yet soothing hue. One glance at the orange loveseat proves how spectacular this autumnal shade can be.

And that’s just one of the highlights of our cozy, cushy and captivating fall décor.

fall11 fall10 fall9

About Laurie’s Fall Festival

Join us for the fun, fanfare, food and oodles of entertainment Friday, Sept. 26 to Sunday, Sept. 28.

Baking contest: Pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie. Drop off your entry Friday or Saturday morning at the front desk. Judging goes down Saturday at 2 p.m., with judging by Shirley from Treat!

Bernie’s Burger Bus: Yum! Get a taste 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday.

Entertainment: Wheee! Face painting and balloons are yours 1 to 3 p.m. on Saturday.

Vendors: A hot lineup of vendors has already signed on, and we still have room for more. Email if You’ll be rubbing elbows with:

  • Arbonne
  • Matilda Jane
  • Silpada
  • Stella & Dot
  • Thirty One
  • The Vintage Birdhouse
  • Whimsical Works

fall8 fall7 fall6 fall5 fall4 fall3 fall1

Come celebrate fall at Laurie’s. And wear something orange, will ya?