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The Sofa to End All Sofas

Finding the perfect sofa can be a real pain in the rear – especially if you end up with one that has rock-hard, uncomfortable cushions. You want a sofa that is comfy but not sloppy. Classy but not so pristine you need those creepy plastic covers. Roomy and bold but not monstrous and huge. You […]

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Laurie’s Collection is Here!

We love Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware as much as the next guy or gal. But we wonder why would people with excellent taste (and a little bit of dinaro) want to have the exact same sofa as their neighbor and the neighbor down the street? Picked from a  catalog none-the-less.  Like Sears and Roebuck. […]

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The Great Sofa

The great sofa. One of the 2 most important pieces of furniture in your home (the other being your bed). A place you welcome guests, sit and chat, snuggle, watch your favorite housewife shoes, work on the laptop, read books to kiddies and hopefully take a nap now and then! There’s no need to sit […]

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Comforts of the Sea

If you were lucky enough to get some sand between your toes this Spring Break— have we got some momentos for you! We’ve made it pretty darn easy for you to deck your home out with a calming seascape in mind. To bring the comforts of sea to the comfort of your home…. tranquility, peacefulness, and […]

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No one and I mean no one could say it better than Gahdhi. Beautiful and Bountiful… lots of beautiful fall vignettes to browse and adore!

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Art Appreciation

Visiting Laurie’s might remind you of a fine art gallery. Our vignettes are worthy of the finest critics acclaim! Isn’t it amazing that we live in a day and time where everyone has access to fine home furnishings that showcase your artistic side? How lovely you can take these pieces home to enjoy TODAY. Laurie’s […]

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Diversity part 2

We continue on with our diversity theme but now let’s visit the opposite of the color spectrum. More Euro inspired — Greek, French, Tuscan furnishings. Talk about a contrast — a little bit of something for everyone. French Industrial — these tables are so well made and come in gray and black. Tuscan, Old World rich […]

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