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New Stuff on the Floor!

From fresh botanicals to handcrafted wooden treasures, a bounty of new goodies awaits at Laurie’s. You could swear the springtime fairy had been here, dropping off delightful furnishings to give your home your favorite touch. If your touch is earthy, you’ll dig the botanicals (pun not intended). Vibrant purpley-pinks mingle with a rainbow of greens, […]

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Dash & Albert

Have we talked about Dash and Albert rugs lately? For those of you who don’t know, we carry oodles of them… literally tons… definitely the most in Tomball and really possibly “Planet Earth”. We have basket loads of 2×3’s. Gray ones. Brown ones. Striped ones. The ever popular plain tin (we sell piles of that […]

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Dash & Albert Rugs

No one knows exactly where the idea for rugs came from or why they came into vogue, but one can imagine their place in ancient homes. Warming the floor.  Serving as a welcome mat.  Perhaps perched beneath the food dish of early domesticated dogs. Somewhere through the years, the world fell in love with rugs. […]

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The Magic Rug

When you think about it — a rug is kind of magical. It brings a room a kind of “softness” adding texture, color, and function. It brings in those beautiful tones and accent colors you want to highlight. And they definitely keep your feet nice and comfy. Maybe magical is a stretch but once you […]

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