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Organa Comforters and Pillows

Anyone familiar with the bedding company of Downright knows its stuff is downright luxurious. And this counts triple for the hotly anticipated products Downright introduced for 2016: Organa 650+ white goose down comforters and pillows A single caress of these soft, fluffy fabulous comforters and pillows, and we promise you’ll be hooked. At least that was the […]

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Down, Inc. Pillows

Saturday March 1st between 12PM and 3PM Feathers. They’re what pillows are made of. No one has better feathers or pillows than Down, Inc. If you want to learn more about feathers and pillows- we will have a guest speaker this Saturday who knows her stuff (pun intended). Sue Wyll will be here to show you why […]

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Glam it up!

A tiny bit of sparkle is worth  just enough dazzle to turn heads or make guests take notice of your posh home. It doesn’t take much — unless you’re Lady Gaga of course —  glitter, sequin, metallics, grommets, swarovski , just to name a few sparklies to glam it up. We have decked out the showroom […]

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If you are a regular shopper at Laurie’s and you’ve recently picked up the latest from Cy-Fair Lifestyles and Homes you might just be having a deja-vu moment. The home of one of our fabulous shoppers was featured in this months issue! Perfect timing for those of you looking to deck out the dorm room […]

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Neutral is the new black

Make no mistake – neutral is the new black. Look around and see… sofas, bedding, accessories, lamps, rugs, and art all in shades of nude, tan, linen, beige, and buff. A little design trick– keep your home stocked in neutrals and make it easy to switch out special pieces without having to redesign the whole […]

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Colorful Experience

  We are live and in full color here at Laurie’s in Tomball! Whether it’s high color or neutrals…. come and let us delight your senses with the perfect shade of gorgeous! Lovely bedding in the “kitchen” and cozy chairs on the “porch” all topped off by the perfect accents throughout the store!    

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Let’s get cozy and stylish…

Whether you buy them for that pop of color, added texture, or comfy sitting,  pillows are a key element in bringing together the style of a room. Changing pillows in and out with the season can bring a fresh perspective to your mood and house. As seen in this months Traditional Home Laurie stocks Daniel […]

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