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Spring Decor at Laurie’s

Spring is cute! Spring is cuddly! But if you’ve ever been a little overwhelmed by the vibrant yellows, neon pinks and lime greens, we hear ya. This year, we’re bringing springtime back to earth. And by that we mean earth-tones. Now, earth-tones are all the rage in the fall, but for spring? Is it crazy? […]

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Grassroots Imports

We could stick with stuff like high quality, unique designs and the delightful surprise of never knowing exactly what you’ll find. Sure, those are awesome reasons to love the furniture company of GrassRoots Imports. But those reasons are only scratching the surface as to why GrassRoots Imports furniture absolutely thrills us. When you go with […]

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Slosh On Over to Lauries!

Rain, rain, came this way. Great for umbrella salesmen and outdoor plants. Not so great for flooded-out furniture. Need Your Things Replaced? Laurie’s is the place. Our inventory changes more often than the weather, and almost everything is almost always in stock. If not here today, we’ll get it the next day or very soon. […]

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New Stuff on the Floor!

From fresh botanicals to handcrafted wooden treasures, a bounty of new goodies awaits at Laurie’s. You could swear the springtime fairy had been here, dropping off delightful furnishings to give your home your favorite touch. If your touch is earthy, you’ll dig the botanicals (pun not intended). Vibrant purpley-pinks mingle with a rainbow of greens, […]

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Four Hands at Laurie’s

The folks at Four Hands are fueled by curiosity, creative experimentation and relentlessness. They relentlessly tinker with, tweak and keep poking at a product to come up with surprising additions that speak even louder of the company’s compelling style. Even a single piece of Four Hands furniture has the power to change the entire look […]

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Freshen Up for 2016!

New Year, New Store With the new calendar page fresh on our wall and our new resolutions so fresh they haven’t even yet been broken, it’s only befitting that Laurie’s is pretty much exploding with fresh, new items all over the store. The shop is not literally exploding, mind you. That would mean our floors […]

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Now You See It, Now You Don’t: On the Floor at Laurie’s

You know that saying about “Now you see it, now you don’t?” Well, that what’s happening at Laurie’s! Our place has been a veritable bonanza of new goodies that are streaming through the shop as fast as an East Texas freight train! Even though our new stuff is heading out nearly as quickly as it’s […]

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Why New Stuff Rocks

Life is full of changes, and new stuff from Laurie’s should definitely be one of them! In her ever clever manner, Laurie has bedecked the front of the shop with nifty new, must-see items that can add a fresh flourish to your home. Classy colors, touch-me textures and darling details are in the lineup – check out the […]

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Why Life is Better with a Barstool (or Two)

You may think of the barstool beneath Norm from “Cheers!” but they need not be vinyl or splashed with old beer. They can be rather classy can be rather cool covered with textures on the seat of the stool Get them with backs in round or square design with padding and pillows to cushion your […]

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Ode of the Ottoman

I am the ottoman. As if anyone cares. I feel so unloved. I am rife with despair. You say “What a great couch” or “Your table – it’s neat!” Yet when it comes down to me, I’m just a place for your feet. Half of you think I’m a stool or divan – the other […]

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