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Rules for the Perfect Thanksgiving Table

There’s more to a perfect Thanksgiving table than juicy turkey and plenty of pumpkin pie. You want your guests to feel warm. Welcome. And totally wowed at the gathering you put together. That’s where all those itsy-bitsy details you may never even think about come in. And just so you know, we think about them all the […]

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Four Hands at Laurie’s

The folks at Four Hands are fueled by curiosity, creative experimentation and relentlessness. They relentlessly tinker with, tweak and keep poking at a product to come up with surprising additions that speak even louder of the company’s compelling style. Even a single piece of Four Hands furniture has the power to change the entire look […]

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If Your Dining Room Walls Could Talk

If your dining room walls could talk – my goodness, just what would they say? Would they tell on your kids for spilling that grape juice or your pets for once peeing in the plant? Would they speak of the couple that hid there to whisper – nothing nasty, just a sweet word or two […]

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The Thrill of the Tablescape

The first thing you need to know about tablescapes is that the phrase is technically one word. Yes, it looks all wrong and spell-check doesn’t dig it. But even if the word itself is kooky, the concept is simply phenomenal. What They Are The art of tablescaping involves the creative and interesting placement of objects […]

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The Power of the Dining Table (and Chairs)

The dining table has held power throughout history. It holds even more of it today. We wine there. We dine there. We play cards with our uncles. Knit scarves with our aunts. Trade gossip with our neighbors. Whisper secrets to our pals. Sturdy, smooth and strong. Made magnificent with magnolia. A solid, balled pedestal holds […]

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Philosophy in the Garden

With Mother’s Day less than a month away, there’s no time like the present to begin thinking of that special matriarch in your family — even better still if that person is Y*O*U! Once we’re in May — there’s no stopping summer! You remember Summer? Lush lawns with the sound of water trickling from a fountain. […]

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Very simple but true. How wonderful that our homes are a work in progress as we ourselves are. Here are some terrific accessories to accent your environment!

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Seasons Change

  To say it’s been  a rough summer in Texas is quite the understatement. Extreme drought, heat, wildfires…. With the beauty of changing seasons comes the renewal of hope. And of course those glorious holiday dinners with the cherished ones in your life. Well good thing that time of year is coming quick — the time […]

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