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August Bedding Sale: Meet the Experts, Dive into Deals

Laurie’s bedding sales give you much more than a chance to get delightful deals on pillow shams. You’ll also have the exclusive opportunity to stock up on amazing insights and wisdom from representatives from Laurie’s favorite bedding companies. Our sumptuous bedding sale runs all day Aug. 10 and 11, with the savvy reps on hand […]

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Organa Comforters and Pillows

Anyone familiar with the bedding company of Downright knows its stuff is downright luxurious. And this counts triple for the hotly anticipated products Downright introduced for 2016: Organa 650+ white goose down comforters and pillows A single caress of these soft, fluffy fabulous comforters and pillows, and we promise you’ll be hooked. At least that was the […]

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White Sale!

Winter is prime time to snuggle deep into your bed, and Laurie’s is poised to make your snuggle even nicer with our month-long, fantabulous White Sale. Stock up on sale-priced sheets, pillows, comforters and other linens throughout the entire month of January. What: Laurie’s White Sale: All Bedding 20 Percent Off When: Now through Jan. 31, the entire month […]

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Now You See It, Now You Don’t: On the Floor at Laurie’s

You know that saying about “Now you see it, now you don’t?” Well, that what’s happening at Laurie’s! Our place has been a veritable bonanza of new goodies that are streaming through the shop as fast as an East Texas freight train! Even though our new stuff is heading out nearly as quickly as it’s […]

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Bella Notte Nursery Linens

One, two Try the crib in blue Three, four Does the rose match more? Five, six Verdant green does the trick Seven, eight Did you see that lace? Nine, ten Sweet dreams again. No matter what color or fabrics you choose, your baby’s going to be caressed in luxury with Bella Notte nursery linens. That’s why Laurie’s […]

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Treat Yourself to Laurie’s Linen Sale

Only one thing can truly calm, soothe and delight you after a long, laborious day in the world. And no, we’re not talking about a martini. We’re talking about luxurious bedding, and Laurie’s has plenty of it. Better yet, it’s on sale Aug 17-31! Treat Your Senses Good bedding is a feast for the senses, […]

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Take a Load Off

We are all thinking about beds… because we are pooped from our super successful Tent Sale and can’t wait to crawl into one.   So clear out to make room for our fancy beds we just bought at the recent High point furniture show. Upholstered. Vintage French. And Wrought Iron. Couple those with bed linens […]

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White Sale: Pom Pom

You’ve heard of being green with envy, right? But what about being white with envy? That’s what’s destined to happen to your pals when they see the awesome deals you scooped up on Pom Pom bedding at Laurie’s annual White Sale. Laurie’s Annual White Sale All In-Stock Bedding 25% Off Now to January 23 What’s […]

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White Sale: Bella Notte

Exciting things go down at the beginning of the year. You get a new calendar. You get to write a brand-new date on your checks (Whee!). And you get the awesome annual White Sale at Laurie’s. Laurie’s Annual White Sale All In-stock Bedding 25% Off January 9 to 23 Two special guests will be on […]

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Why a Bed is Our Best Friend

If it weren’t for spouses and loyal dogs A bed could very well be our best friend. When we’re born, we are placed there When we die, we’re often lying there And beds, they show up at all times in between. The beds of our youth look like racecars or princess thrones, with superhero sheets […]

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