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Home Tour: Vickie and Tommie Allen

It’s home tour time. You know the drill. Aunt Laurie comes into your home.  We snaps oodles of pix. Talk about how cool it is. Then point out stuff from Laurie’s to show what good taste we all have. This time the drill has an extra special element. It’s called Vickie Allen. She’s been working with Laurie […]

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Rules for the Perfect Thanksgiving Table

There’s more to a perfect Thanksgiving table than juicy turkey and plenty of pumpkin pie. You want your guests to feel warm. Welcome. And totally wowed at the gathering you put together. That’s where all those itsy-bitsy details you may never even think about come in. And just so you know, we think about them all the […]

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Laura’s Halloween Home Tour

Mesmerized. That’s a good word. And that’s exactly what happens to people when they drop by Laura’s house to check out her Halloween décor. You remember Laura. She’s our fall decorative tray master here at Laurie’s. Who doubles as our Halloween display master. Her 5-year-old granddaughter, Valerie, heartily agrees. Valerie is mesmerized by Laura’s Halloween cabinet. […]

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Three Weeks, Two Cats and One Zebra Rug

When it comes to moving into a new house, most folks are lucky if they’ve unpacked at least half the boxes after three weeks. Not Kendall Nidoh. This gal took the fast track with help from Aunt Laurie’s House Calls, our mobile decorating team. Kendall’s new house is thus deliciously decked out with a fresh, new […]

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The Booth Home

Warm and welcoming is the feel you get from the Booth’s home – and the family that lives in it! The home of this super-cool Scottish crew was the latest stop on our Aunt Laurie in Your Home tour.  George, Gillian and their children moved from Scotland to the US five years ago, with an […]

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The Home of Sherry and David Sivils

Getting a savory taste of Russia is easy in Texas, thanks to the décor throughout the home of Sherry and David Sivils. The two lived in Moscow for an entire year, and it didn’t take long for alluring Russian influences to catch Sherry’s eye. She was, after all, an interior designer for 23 years until she retired. And although […]

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Brenda Larson Home Tour

Brenda Larson’s home marks an official first on our Aunt Laurie in Your Home Tour. Brenda is the first person who loves her existing furniture and Laurie’s stuff so much that she actually sawed down part of her house to make sure the furniture would fit! OK, she didn’t really saw down part of her […]

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Luxury Townhouse with a Waterside Vibe

From a splashy mermaid on the wall to little blue dolphins on the stemware, Joe Piro sure knows how to create a waterside vibe. And that’s a really good thing, since his poolside luxury townhouse happens to be located on the edge of Lake Conroe. His home was the latest stop on our Aunt Laurie in Your […]

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Hightower Beach Home

Being blue takes on a whole new meaning when it’s at the Galveston home of Bill and Pat Hightower – and it has nothing at all to do with sadness! This alluring aqua beach house was the latest stop on our Aunt Laurie in Your Home tour series, and it was azurely a delight. The delight begins […]

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