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Summer Series: Planters

Plants that are lush, thriving, blossoming or otherwise happy and healthy can make an attractive statement. But put those same plants in the perfect planters and your statement just went from attractive to downright amazing. How to Pick the Perfect Planters You have a number of ways to choose the perfect planters for your perky plants, […]

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Summer Series: Banana Leaf Chairs

Thanks to yet another really old and really bad joke, we all know you can use banana peels to make slippers. But you may not know you can use banana leaf plants to make some amazingly awesome furniture. What It Is Banana leaf is a type of wicker that’s about 10 million times cooler than the […]

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Happy Independence Day Weekend!

Come and shop this weekend for our oh-so-tasteful star spangled goodies. Scoop it up on Saturday and Sunday because we will be closed for Independence Day. We’ll be enjoying time with our friends and families and we hope you will too! 

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